CALL TO ACTION: I need your HELP to make a change!

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Mother Terese once said ”There are no great acts. There are only small acts done with great love”. This quote have been one of my leading stars from day I read it. I am ready to do small acts with great love to make a change for whomever may be in need of. I know you’re interested so keep reading.

It’s been a great summer for me. Days went by with mixture of work, meetings, reading and contemplation. As I look at my emotional balance sheet for the last two years, a lot of accounts are positive and I am more dedicated than ever to pursue my goals and dreams. I still have much to learn, a lot to do and prepared to do the work.

I will need your help in a few areas and this a CALL TO ACTION! You can help me in many ways and everything you are willing to do and contribute counts.

Feel free to share this information with whomever you like in whichever channel you prefer.

  • In 15 days I will turn 50 years. I need your help to make this the best and most memorable birthday possible FOR ME. 🙂 I neither need nor want any presents. To be crystal clear, I don’t expect any presents. If you were planning to buy me any presents, DON’T. Instead I want you to donate the amount so that we can create scholarship(-s). Pls fill in your contact information and how do want to donate via this link.
  • I do have several public speaking assignments in coming weeks and months BUT I have time for so much more. I am prepared to travel to any place on earth to share my stories and knowledge I have about diversity, management, leadership and how you can with a little bit of luck achieve miracles. If you have any advice and/or contact person pls share the information with me by filling out the form via this link.
  • In a few weeks I want to create a meeting place. The idea is to open an office space in central Stockholm where young people and/or new comers could meet Swedes whom are willing to mentor them. In a couple of weeks I will get back to you a campaign to kick-off the meeting place so stay tuned!
  • I have a couple of board assignments today where I can contribute with my knowledge, experience and perspective. I am interested in several board assignments so if you happen to know companies whom are interested my perspective let me know.

As some of you already knew I am travelling to Vancouver, Canada in a few days to meet several non-profit organizations and main topic will be how they are working with integration.  I want to bring some of the methodology to Sweden and start testing it right away.

I will also will make an effort to climb Mount Baker with my dear friend Kubilay.